Our goal is to relieve some stress from your
busy life by providing high-end cleaning services.

We are health and environmentally conscious, for that reason we use 100% eco friendly cleaning products (eco mist solutions). Please visit ecomistsolutions.com to read about these amazing products and how they work!

Everything that goes down your drain eventually ends up in your drinking water. We believe that by using these products we can make a positive change in the environment of your home as well as the environment around you.

We care about our clients’ homes
and it shows in our work.

We simplify your life by bringing all tools and supplies required. New mother’s are especially thrilled with our all natural cleaning products! We believe anyone can use our service whether it be new moms, hard working families, or elderly people who need an extra hand. Cleaning is no longer a luxury, but rather peace of mind.

Please contact us below for an in-home consultation.

What Our Client Robyn Says About Us

"I have referred A Clean Above to many of my friends and clients to use, if needing any cleaning services. I have used many agencies in the past and none compare. The difference is they truly care, treating my home as if it were their own. They truly take pride in their work and it shows in my home after each visit. Thanks again, A Clean Above ! "

Residential Homes & Condos

We can clean every room in a home or stick to certain areas upon request. A first-time clean is very thorough and usually takes a little more time, but after regular visits the time spent cleaning becomes more efficient, so the cost may go down. We provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time visits depending on your needs and expectations.

Spring & Seasonal Cleanings

This service is for those who would like a detailed one-time clean. We can clean the entire home, or specific areas of request. We guarantee your home will be left fresh and clean!

Post Renovation

This service is for those who may have renovated a certain area of their home, leaving the rest of the home a bit dusty and needing attention. Once again, we can clean the entire home, or just the newly renovated areas. This usually involves detailing areas such as baseboards, windows and door frames.


We provide cleaning services to those who are moving out of their homes, or upon settling into a new home. This service is best achieved when the home is empty. We do a thorough clean which includes cleaning inside cupboards and closets. We also clean inside appliances including fridge and stove, but keep in mind that takes a bit of extra time.

Real Estate

Who doesn’t love the feeling of walking into a clean and polished home, especially when looking to buy. Real Estate showings are a great example of the level of cleaning we provide to our clients, leaving the home immaculate and pristine.


Inside fridge, stove, inside windows. One impressive example of how good our products work is when we clean inside kitchen stoves. We use our degreaser, which literally cleans baked on food and grease without much elbow grease! And most importantly contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances which most oven cleaners contain.

What Our Client Shirine Says About Us

"Colette and Amanda keep the interior of our home fresh (minus harsh chemicals) and sparkling! They clean efficiently and effectively, and always incorporate specific requests. It's a tough job but they get it done each week - hardwood floors, area rugs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, toilets, the dreaded glass shower, the bedrooms and living area , and the dust, fingerprints and crumbs, etc. that accumulate each week. In addition to keeping things wonderfully clean, Colette and Amanda are nice people and I feel quite comfortable letting them into our personal space - something I consider just as important as the quality of their work. I highly recommend these ladies!” "

Here's How It Works

We charge an hourly rate for our cleaning service which involves an efficient 2 person team (includes all products, tools/supplies and commute). For example one hour of cleaning can be up to $90, but with a team of 2 people you are saving 2 hours of your time.

The price for our service depends on several factors including the size of your home, specific tasks involved, if pets live in the home, and frequency of cleaning. The best way to get an accurate estimate of time and cost would be for us to come to your home for an in-home consultation.

Methods of Payments

We provide a receipt for our services and offer payment via cash, cheque or online e-transfers.

What Our Client Eric Says About Us

"Amanda and Colette are my favorite house cleaners. I feel comfortable having them in my home as they are trustworthy and fun. They do an amazing job cleaning my home and I call them anytime I need help around the house. I strongly recommend them to all my friends and family."


Call us for an in-home consultation or send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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